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I’m easily one of those people who can immerse herself in a good book, and when I say immerse, I mean full submersion. When I close my eyes, I can see the world the author has created, feel the intricate way things interconnect, taste the plotline. While I could probably wax poetic all day about how much of a book worm I am sometimes I’m going to stop and say that if there is any book that ANYONE (and everyone) can feel this way about, it’s the Hunger Games. Naturally, when word came out that they were making a Hunger Games movie, I. Went. Gaga.

So what does this have to do with good advertising? I guess to a certain extent, these teasers (like the one above), are great because it shows just how bitchin’ this movie is going to be. Remember that world I said I can easily immerse myself into? I think they’ve brought it to life so effortlessly, and so many other fans have chimmed into say the same.

But it’s so much more than that. They’ve created an actual world where fans can sign up, participate in district elections for mayor and other positions, and even participate in “the reeping”, for a chance to be selected as a tribute from your region. Nerd alert: I signed up too. I’m was poised and ready to be one of those people who’s always talking about some online community that doesn’t exist (*cough cough* Pottermore? *cough cough*) until I got assigned to District 6, the most irrelevant district in the whole series. Le sigh. 

And THEN, I found Capitol Couture, (http://capitolcouture.pn) an online fashion publication that details that details the latest fashion trends in the Capitol of Panem, a place noted for its essentric fashion style. Fashionista from our world and avid fans of the book will no doubt be looking to this site to see how to recreate styles from the movie to adapt to everyday wear. I can’t WAIT until the post tips on how to capture the “Girl on Fire” look. Can you say, “Midnight Premiere?” What’s even better is that they take real world products and publications, like China Glaze nail polish and Vogue (respectively) and create integrated ads for the site that make it even more possible to imagine yourself in the book. Needless to say…

Permission to nerd out: Granted. 

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